Its Not 1920! Get on Social Media Now!

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You guys know that my brain never stops spinning with ideas.

I’m always thinking of the next path to head down, the next move for my business, the next big thing. And the one thing my mind keeps coming back to is social media.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why so many people out there still treat the internet like it’s a television.

Remember those David Copperfield specials from the ’90s, where he would ask the audience at home to participate in whatever card trick flashed up on the screen?

(I feel old just talking about this…) Well, that was about as interactive as media got back then. That is not the case today.

Wake up, guys – it’s not the 1920s anymore. Through my Reezy Resells YouTube channel, Instagram page, Facebook group, and other social media outlets,

I’ve not only built a brand on accident, I’ve connected with hundreds of others who are making good money utilizing social media to the fullest.

This idea has occupied my mind so much, I almost wish I didn’t have to ever sleep again so I could capitalize on all the incredible ways to make money online.

If you’re one of those people who consumes media and doesn’t create, you’re missing out on one of the greatest opportunities out there right now.

If you breathe and have a heartbeat, you can have a YouTube channel! Like for me, 80% of my demographics are males.

I appeal to that audience because, well, I’m a guy. If you’re female, you’ll have an audience of women your age and in your phase of life because they relate to you.

Whoever you would hang out with in real life is who your audience will be.

The ship hasn’t sailed yet for social media. The key is content creation, to be one of the those behind the screen and not in front of it.

Too shy to be on camera? Write blogs, narrate, build a website – the possibilities are endless.

Just make sure you give yourself and your knowledge to your audience freely. Give your time generously when they want to interact with you, and I promise they’ll love you for it.

You guys don’t have to be making money the traditional way anymore. In today’s world, we’re no longer trading time for money.

Break free the 9-5 and start taking advantage of social media and the other thousand ways to begin making money online.


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  1. Good words. Now just to figure out what I know about or what I can offer other younger baby boomers. Thanks

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