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This is a shirt I designed and put up for sale on Amazon Merch. If you don’t know what that is, google it and sign up immediately.

Below is the story about this shirt and the methodology and tactics behind its creation.

This is a phrase that Garyvee has popularized and is a great tenement of his philosophy of content creation.

Basically, create more from less. I highly subscribe to this myself.

Actually, in a way, this article is content on content.  

Or at least content on a product? I don’t know, let’s not get confused…

So I made a word puzzle or whatever

Content on Content, get it? ?

This was made on my phone using the Word Swag app, resized using the Over app, and uploaded to Amazon Merch from my phone.

Next, I took the product URL and put it into Snapchat to make a custom Snapcode ?????????????

This is a newer feature and is highly useful.

People have been trained to scan these things.

If you show someone a QR code, you have to tell them to scan it, and most people probably don’t know that their snapchat camera is already a QR code reader… but they know what to do when they see the snapcode (larger conversion on the CTA to scan the code)

I sized this image so that when posted to Twitter it would be visible in its entirety and not cropped (this required testing and redrafting using a shill Twitter account)

I posted this on Twitter because I was hoping Gary would see it, as he follows me there and is pretty active there.

The $15 price point is low on purpose to stimulate sales rank.

I like to start shirts at $15 and then raise them to $19.99 or $24.99 later once they are performing.

Obviously, this is niche-niche, but I gotta get 2 designs up a day (my current upload limit for Amazon Merch).

And this took me 10 minutes total from idea to posting.

Took a swing. Missed. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it.

Click to buy >> http://amzn.to/2nkyga5

Click to buy >> http://amzn.to/2nkyga5

(Oh yeah the double link line ^ that’s a proven marketing thing too… I don’t know why but it works)

PS: if you guys are t subscribed to my YouTube channel, check it out at the link below:


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