How to Get Ungated in Nike & Other Big Brands on Amazon

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Why is it that some people can sell Nike on Amazon, and others can’t?

But more importantly, how can you sell Nike and other big brands on Amazon FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon)?

In this post, you’re going to learn how to get approved to sell Nike along with other big brands on Amazon.

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When it comes to Nike specifically, I was grandfathered in.

What that means is that I was selling it before Amazon placed restrictions on it.

So, Amazon just allowed me to continue selling Nike.

I also hit Maximum Approval.

That is an internal Amazon term, meaning that you’re automatically approved to sell most brands on Amazon.

More details on Maximum Approval in a second.

3 Ways for Legitimately Getting Approved to Sell Nike

1. You can buy some one’s account who is allowed to sell Nike.

Now you can’t just straight-up buy someone’s account you have to buy their whole business/legal entity.

And the business must have the Amazon account listed as an asset.

This way is obviously going to require a bit of an investment, but it is faster.

2. Hit Maximum Approval.

People in my mastermind have been ungated in Nike by selling 2k units in 6 months.

While the exact metrics are unknown, people achieve this all the time.

One day you’ll request approval to sell Nike and automatically get approved without having to send in an invoice.

Maximum approval is all based on your hustle and how badly you want it!

3. Invoices.

As of 2020, my Mastermind and I have been able to get ungated in Nike with invoices from Amazon approved distributors.

Invoices are currently uncharted territory thanks to the Nike & Amazon break up.

But as of now, the future of using invoices to get ungated in Nike looks bright.

Amazon & Nike Broke Up

Now here is what you ought to know about the recent Amazon and Nike break up.

Nike was selling directly to Amazon.

But Nike only gave Amazon a small number of SKUs in the partnership, like the wide shoes.

Even though Nike needs Amazon more than Amazon needs Nike.

After the breakup, Amazon will still keep selling Nike, leaving Nike with one leg to stand on.

Nothing is set in stone for the future. But if you’re a big Nike seller, you should be doing cartwheels.

As soon as Nike starts running out of stock, they should start opening up those SKUs to resellers.

Before you go, remember that Amazon isn’t the only platform that you can sell Nike on.

Don’t have a loser’s mentality when it comes to big brands and hop on eBay or Poshmark.

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