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  1. I really love listening to you talk about how you started with Amazon and I feel the same too because I want to change my life for me and my family doing the same thing you are doing. I obviously want you to guide me.

  2. Thank you my friend for taking the time and creating the free FBA amazon seller program. Cant wait to be a pro amazon seller like you!

  3. I’m super stoked. Thank you for making these videos. Yours is one of the first legit free video courses I’ve found that seem to have really good content and legit wants to help people.

  4. Thank you for this gift. This was amazing. I love how you broke the video up in sections with the titles. This makes it easy to follow and take notes.

  5. Very relatable! I must say you are a blessing. I thank you for this, and I will find a way to pay this forward.
    Wishing you and your family continued success!

  6. Hi Reezy. I've watched all of the videos and taken your course. I have put my heart and soul into selling used clothing for the past two years on Poshmark and Depop. I made $850 last winter selling clothes. I needed to make that each month to pay my bills. Been coming across your videos and watching them all.

    I too have been on welfare since I was 18. I'm now 41 with an 11 year old boy. ? I've just been wanting to find some thing that will help make me some REAL income without having to hit the 9 to 5. I have such a passion for reselling! I genuinely love doing it. I guess I'm reaching out to let you know that I'm nervous about starting something brand new. I am fully committed though. Just want to be done with the whole poverty mentality/lifestyle. I want to take my boy to see the world! Family vacations.

    I am waiting on my postcard from Amazon to complete my AmazonSeller account. Thank you so much for offering your course for free. I've already started collecting books.

    Thank you for everything you do for the world.


  7. Thanks for giving back to others I think most people after obtaining their goals to do with money and the secrets and tips in doing so would keep it to their selves, like u mentioned in the first video I seen Where the people had the books in carts and didn’t share the info like u are. I appreciate and respect you a lot for that. Thanks

  8. You seem like a genuine guy, willing to help without asking for money. Now days it’s hard to trust but for some unknown reason I feel like I can trust you. Thanks for the help I will take note & thanks for helping us who have money struggles. May God bless you my brother.

  9. This al sounds very exciting. I want to know everything about the amazon selling. I've always wanted to learn and understand e-commerce.

  10. You’re my biggest inspiration man, thank you for all the quality information you share through all your content. Coolest most down to earth flipper on YouTube forsure brotha. Thank you for being you and inspiring people the way you do!

  11. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this free course and more importantly showing me the right path to success.

  12. I am grateful to you and your team. I am ready and super excited to start this chapter that is changing my life as well as my family. Love and peace.

  13. I've already started and my listing was taken down due to price
    looking forward to learning as much as much as i can from you

  14. Dear Reezy the contents you share realy means like a baby needs the parent help to learn how to walk for a person who want to be a reseller or do onlione business.
    Many thanks!

  15. My brother!!! Thank you so much for all the great information. I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now and you NEVER asked for a dime or tried to sell us anything. Bless you my brother and thank you for being a light for those who need it🙏😊

  16. Hi Reezy! 👋 I can't believe you arw really offering this for free!!! Omg! You have just restored my faith in humanity! Thank you! Thank you thank you! 😊 I shall make you proud.

  17. HI Reezy
    When I realize that you are giving all these informartions course for free I felt sooo gratefull for someone do something like this. You are greeeeat.
    I am from Brazil living in USA for 10 years did any kind of job to get money and help my husband and 3 kids…
    Now 10 years late I am triyng to find something to make my husband and I get a better quality life with better financial life and quality time together.
    I will dedicate all my time to this and Ill try my best with all my effort and commmiment to develop something online in Amazon and after others place…
    I ama brzilian woman and we never give up.
    thank you very much to not purchase a very expensive amount for this and I am able to do that.

  18. Thank you Reezy. Of all the Amazon sellers on youtube you're by far my favorite. I'm like a proud mom lol. Thank you! I'm scared as I can honestly say I'm "technically challenged." Yikes.
    Thank you Reezy.

  19. Thank you Reezy for all the time you put in to helping us all on our own journey to become whatever it is each one of us are trying to become. Seriously Thank You!

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