How To Use The Amazon Seller App?

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  1. If selling used items or any used items would we ship them to Amazon as well or do the FBA only new items ?

    Thanks for all the info..

  2. I have two questions. I downloaded the Amazon seller app and it’s asking me to sign up for the professional seller plan which is $40 a month plus selling fees or the individual seller plan which is $0.99 per item sold plus selling fees. Which one should I choose?

    My second question is are there ever certain situations with certain products where you use the seller fulfillment over the Amazon fulfillment or do you always use the Amazon fulfillment?

  3. When downloading the app it only gives me an option to charge me $39 a month. How is it available for free like you mentioned? Thank you!!

  4. So do I sign up as an individual seller, or should I wait until I can afford to get an LLC, Amazon says I can't change it later, so I want to make sure I'm doing it right the first time.

  5. All that helping people is hard work huh? You're sweating my man. Hey seriously, thanks dude, I'm pretty excited to try this. I hope it works well.

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