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Influencer Marketing for Amazon Merch – Custom Snapchat QR Codes 

This is a shirt I designed and put up for sale on Amazon Merch. If you don’t know what that is, google it and sign up immediately.

Below is the story about this shirt and the methodology and tactics behind its creation.

This is a phrase that Garyvee has popularized and is a great tenement of his philosophy of content creation.

Basically, create more from less. I highly subscribe to this myself.

Actually, in a way, this article is content on content.  

Or at least content on a product? I don’t know, let’s not get confused…

So I made a word puzzle or whatever

Content on Content, get it? ?

This was made on my phone using the Word Swag app, resized using the Over app, and uploaded to Amazon Merch from my phone.

Next, I took the product URL and put it into Snapchat to make a custom Snapcode ?????????????

This is a newer feature and is highly useful.

People have been trained to scan these things.

If you show someone a QR code, you have to tell them to scan it, and most people probably don’t know that their snapchat camera is already a QR code reader… but they know what to do when they see the snapcode (larger conversion on the CTA to scan the code)

I sized this image so that when posted to Twitter it would be visible in its entirety and not cropped (this required testing and redrafting using a shill Twitter account)

I posted this on Twitter because I was hoping Gary would see it, as he follows me there and is pretty active there.

The $15 price point is low on purpose to stimulate sales rank.

I like to start shirts at $15 and then raise them to $19.99 or $24.99 later once they are performing.

Obviously, this is niche-niche, but I gotta get 2 designs up a day (my current upload limit for Amazon Merch).

And this took me 10 minutes total from idea to posting.

Took a swing. Missed. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it.

Click to buy >>

Click to buy >>

(Oh yeah the double link line ^ that’s a proven marketing thing too… I don’t know why but it works)

PS: if you guys are t subscribed to my YouTube channel, check it out at the link below:

Peep the YouTube Channel!

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Anybody Can Get It! 

It doesn’t matter what your situation in life is, where you came from, your background, your net worth, shoe size, or hair color.

We live in the most innovative and technologically savvy time in history.

With today’s opportunities and a humble smartphone in-hand, you can walk into any retail store and walk out with a GRAND in profit.

(And I promise, you don’t even need to hold anyone at gunpoint).

I’m going to take you through a day in my life sourcing for Amazon and eBay.

I headed to Goodwill first, to see what kind of money was sitting on the shelves.

I saw a CD set that looked promising, but I made sure to double-check that all the CDs were there and, unfortunately, one was missing.

Check everything before you buy it!

Then I headed to the book section and did my thing with a Bluetooth Scanner and Scout IQ,

two tools I couldn’t live without while sourcing books.

These items help you move at “light speed” through those bookshelves,

saving you time and money as you quickly assess whether or not a book will sell for a profit.

I was able to stack up an entire cart of books in less than an hour with these tools.

Also, wear headphones if you don’t want people to annoy you with questions about what you’re doing.

While you’re at the thrifts, check the coffee mugs and collectible t-shirts for easy eBay money.

“And don’t neglect the glass case items!”

They’re priced higher, but they can be money in your pocket.

Next up was Walmart.

I headed to the electronics section first to grab some clearance items.

Double-check for restricted items as you go,

but you’ll find easy money sitting on the shelves in the form of video games and routers at a deep discount.

And ask for another discount at the counter if you can – they may give it to you, they may not, but it never hurts to ask.

The second Walmart location was a cinch since we were looking for the same things we picked up at the first Walmart.

A few items later, an additional find in the clearance section,

and some health and personal care items and I was up another several hundred dollars in profit.

Easy money.

Make sure to double-check all items as you go for wear, cracks, and dents.

Amazon is pretty strict about their new items and want only the best heading into their warehouses.

Also, as I mentioned before, check each brand or item to make sure it’s not restricted before you dive in.

All in all, we spent a total of $2,100 in our sourcing adventures and netted $1,000-$1,600 in profit after all was said and done.

Retail arbitrage takes money to make money.

Sure, you have to invest a little cash upfront, but once you get the ball rolling with your business,

you’ll see higher and higher paychecks coming your way every two weeks.

What are you waiting for?

Get out there and find that money!

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Its Not 1920! Get on Social Media Now!

You guys know that my brain never stops spinning with ideas.

I’m always thinking of the next path to head down, the next move for my business, the next big thing. And the one thing my mind keeps coming back to is social media.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why so many people out there still treat the internet like it’s a television.

Remember those David Copperfield specials from the ’90s, where he would ask the audience at home to participate in whatever card trick flashed up on the screen?

(I feel old just talking about this…) Well, that was about as interactive as media got back then. That is not the case today.

Wake up, guys – it’s not the 1920s anymore. Through my Reezy Resells YouTube channel, Instagram page, Facebook group, and other social media outlets,

I’ve not only built a brand on accident, I’ve connected with hundreds of others who are making good money utilizing social media to the fullest.

This idea has occupied my mind so much, I almost wish I didn’t have to ever sleep again so I could capitalize on all the incredible ways to make money online.

If you’re one of those people who consumes media and doesn’t create, you’re missing out on one of the greatest opportunities out there right now.

If you breathe and have a heartbeat, you can have a YouTube channel! Like for me, 80% of my demographics are males.

I appeal to that audience because, well, I’m a guy. If you’re female, you’ll have an audience of women your age and in your phase of life because they relate to you.

Whoever you would hang out with in real life is who your audience will be.

The ship hasn’t sailed yet for social media. The key is content creation, to be one of the those behind the screen and not in front of it.

Too shy to be on camera? Write blogs, narrate, build a website – the possibilities are endless.

Just make sure you give yourself and your knowledge to your audience freely. Give your time generously when they want to interact with you, and I promise they’ll love you for it.

You guys don’t have to be making money the traditional way anymore. In today’s world, we’re no longer trading time for money.

Break free the 9-5 and start taking advantage of social media and the other thousand ways to begin making money online.


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Well, not exactly FREE, but I bet you didn’t know it was missing, so in that way, it is kinda free, right? 

Ok, let’s get into it!

Everybody should be signing up for REFUNDS MANAGER!

They get you back the $$$ that you didn’t even know Amazon STOLE from you!

This is for missing/lost/damaged units in the FBA warehouses.

RefundsManager charges 25% of what they get back, and since you weren’t gonna get that $ back anyways (or at least you didn’t know about it), it’s a sick deal.

I just got a $345 reimbursement because of them.

No Joke, we have gotten over $5K back in the last 2 years from this service, and we wouldn’t have seen any of it without their help.

If you use the link below, I do get a super small commission, and it comes out of REFUNDS MANAGER’s 25% cut, NOT YOURS.

I always appreciate it when you support the Hussle.

I know you will benefit greatly from this service as I have.

Sign up here, and STOP Amazons pillaging today.


If you want to connect with me, holer at me one of the platforms below:

Facebook Group

Facebook Page




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I almost got shot at the thrift store!

The craziest shit just happened. One of my employees calls me and tells me that they are gonna be running a little late today, and usually, that means there was a large haul of books. However, today was quite different……. Instead, this is what I heard over the phone

“Bro, you’re not gonna believe this, but I almost got blasted at the thrift store just now.”

Say what? Apparently, while at one of the thrift stores on our route. A lady was digging through a mixed box of crap that had just came out. It was mostly pens and pencils, markers ETC…. When all of a sudden BOOOOOOOM! Smoke is in the air! This lady is screaming, the tip of her finger is gone, and there is blood squirting everywhere!!! They locked the store down, while the police and ambulance came. Apparently, it was some sly 007 22 caliber pen gun!

It was extremely lucky that the bullet went into the wall and died, and didn’t hit anybody. Of which, there were lots of children  around.. So, yeah, my employee almost got shot today, and I’m gonna let him take the rest of the day off LOL…  What a guy! He didn’t even get any blood on the books 😉

That thrift life ain’t for everybody tho. It gets buck-wild sometimes. Be careful,ReezyResells

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Text Expansion and Keyboard Shortcuts

If you sell online, or even if you have any business that involves communicating with customers. Via email or some kind of messaging, what I’m about to talk about will really save you some time. It’s actually pretty useful for general personal online use, as well.

What is Text Expansion/Keyboard Shortcuts??

In short, they are small keywords that you can designate to trigger entire blocks of text, and it is highly useful and time-saving. I’m talking “efficiency level over 9000!”  type of time-saving!


For example, on my phone (and on my computers), I have one for personal use that will key in my email address every time I type;  eml

I actually had to turn off the software on my laptop, just so I could write that and NOT have it be replaced by my email. lol

Obviously, this is endlessly useful. We use it to trigger all our canned responses for customer service, as well as just for things we key in often… By the way, if you haven’t developed canned responses for customer service, get on that, its a huge time saver! Even if you aren’t using canned responses, you can save a lot of time by doing things like making a shortcut ‘tyvm’ that will trigger “Thank You Very Much” etc..

I could write a whole article on that alone, so I will leave that one to the side and get into the details about text expansion services/solutions.

-For Smartphones, at least for iPhones, it’s built into your phone. Go into Settings>General>Keyboard>Text Replacement. From there, you can add them. You can write them in notepad or email them to yourself from your computer. Either way, paste them into there. This will save you countless time when handling CS issues while you are mobile and using your phone.

-For MAC, The software I prefer to use is called TYPINATOR. Its very simple to use. You simply create “Expansions” and associate them with “Abbreviations.” It only costs $25, but I think it has a free trial, or its just free for personal. Check it out at

-For Windows/PCs, I recommend a software called PHRASE EXPRESS. It’s basically exactly the same as Typinator, except instead of “Expansions” they refer to them as “phrases.” Phrase Express is FREE for personal use and $50 for a lifetime license. You can get away with using the free version for a while, but they have a fairly smart detection system that will flag business use and bombard you with annoying pop-ups you have to close ALL.THE.TIME. I dealt with those for a long time before I paid for it. It’s a great software, find out more here:

That’s about it on that topic. Let me know if you need any clarification. I’m glad to help.

Time is your most precious resource, I hope those tips can help you save some. Besides, your time is much better used; sourcing inventory, growing your business, or just kicking it at Disneyland with the fam 😉

-ReezyResells #GetMoney


?Listen to my podcast “Reezy talks”Great for the commute, working out, sourcing, etc. – Who has time for videos nowadays??? There are over 124 hours of content here, no YouTube ads, and you can listen to it on 1.25 – 1.5x speeds, and absorb the knowledge faster.Join my FREE Facebook Group

Facebook was the first platform that I used, and this group is a bookselling oracle at this point. The search is just ridiculous. I DARE YOU to try and find a question that hasn’t already been answered.

?Join My Patreon MastermindBecome part of my inner circle; a small group of about 100 resellers (including myself) who communicate daily, sharing tips, and helping each other level up. Get direct access to all the expertise in the group. Other benefits include Weekly Video Calls, Accountability, BOLO’s, Marketing Help, MEDIA/DVD Ungating, etc. This group has been life-changing for everyone that is a part of it. ?Schedule Consultation CallWork 1-on-1 with me to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.  A consultation will Guarantee that you hit the ground running. If you’re fed up with your current situation and want to make a dramatic change in the shortest time possible, this is the shot of STERIODS that your business needs!!! A whopping 100x faster than sitting around on YouTube and Google.

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