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How to Get Ungated in Nike & Other Big Brands on Amazon

Why is it that some people can sell Nike on Amazon, and others can’t?

But more importantly, how can you sell Nike and other big brands on Amazon FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon)?

In this post, you’re going to learn how to get approved to sell Nike along with other big brands on Amazon.

If you prefer watching or listening, check out the video version:

When it comes to Nike specifically, I was grandfathered in.

What that means is that I was selling it before Amazon placed restrictions on it.

So, Amazon just allowed me to continue selling Nike.

I also hit Maximum Approval.

That is an internal Amazon term, meaning that you’re automatically approved to sell most brands on Amazon.

More details on Maximum Approval in a second.

3 Ways for Legitimately Getting Approved to Sell Nike

1. You can buy some one’s account who is allowed to sell Nike.

Now you can’t just straight-up buy someone’s account you have to buy their whole business/legal entity.

And the business must have the Amazon account listed as an asset.

This way is obviously going to require a bit of an investment, but it is faster.

2. Hit Maximum Approval.

People in my mastermind have been ungated in Nike by selling 2k units in 6 months.

While the exact metrics are unknown, people achieve this all the time.

One day you’ll request approval to sell Nike and automatically get approved without having to send in an invoice.

Maximum approval is all based on your hustle and how badly you want it!

3. Invoices.

As of 2020, my Mastermind and I have been able to get ungated in Nike with invoices from Amazon approved distributors.

Invoices are currently uncharted territory thanks to the Nike & Amazon break up.

But as of now, the future of using invoices to get ungated in Nike looks bright.

Amazon & Nike Broke Up

Now here is what you ought to know about the recent Amazon and Nike break up.

Nike was selling directly to Amazon.

But Nike only gave Amazon a small number of SKUs in the partnership, like the wide shoes.

Even though Nike needs Amazon more than Amazon needs Nike.

After the breakup, Amazon will still keep selling Nike, leaving Nike with one leg to stand on.

Nothing is set in stone for the future. But if you’re a big Nike seller, you should be doing cartwheels.

As soon as Nike starts running out of stock, they should start opening up those SKUs to resellers.

Before you go, remember that Amazon isn’t the only platform that you can sell Nike on.

Don’t have a loser’s mentality when it comes to big brands and hop on eBay or Poshmark.

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The 5 Box Challenge & eBay Seller Crash Course – Learn How to Sell On eBay

Are you nervous about starting your own business?

What if I told you that you could test the water on eBay without leaving your house? 

You have ZERO f*cking excuses for not starting today because everyone has at least $500 to $5,000 of inventory sitting in their home and don’t even know it.

Today I want to test you with The 5 Box Challenge. 

This is where you check your home for everything that you don’t need and sell it on eBay. 

You will be amazed at how much cash you have just sitting around.

And if you list 5 boxes of stuff on eBay, I promise that you will see some sales. 

This blog post is going to be an eBay 101 Super-Fast Crash Course. 

“Let The Games Begin.”

Step 1 – Is to get everything that you don’t need in one big pile so that you can quickly check the eBay comps.

This hack is called batching. It’s where you do the same task on a bunch of items so that you process them faster.

For eBay, you would do all your picture taking, then all your listing, then all your editing.

Step 2 – Now that you have your pile start checking the sold eBay comps.

You can do this on the app or website by searching for your item, then filtering out the sold listings.

Sold will appear as green (for sold) and completed will appear as black, which means that it didn’t sell.

To keep it easy, focus on the sold listings. If the prices look good and it is at a decent size to ship, go ahead and put that item in your list pile.

If you struggle to find your item, the eBay app has a camera feature on the top right that you can use for a picture search.

List It! 

Step 1 – Try to set up an all-white background.

You can use 2 pieces of cheap poster paper from your local supermarket.

Put one against a wall and the other one on the floor to make an L shaped backdrop.

Step 2 – Try to have good lighting or set up 2 light sources; the flashlights on other cell phones will work.

Step 3 – Start taking pictures.

Most modern smartphones have legit cameras.

If you need more help, there are super cheap camera apps.

Like the Camera +2 app, which enhances your camera and gives you a leveling grid.

Step 4 – Create your eBay listings.

Since all the pics are already on your phone, listing via the eBay app will be super-fast.

When you list quickly put in the item name and create a new listing that way, eBay selects the correct categories for you. (If it is a really good condition book or disc media item, you can use an existing listing and use their pictures).

Then add your pictures.

The last three mandatory fields are the price, listing type, and shipping.

Fixed price listings will always get you market value but may take longer to sell.

Auctions are a dice roll but will sell faster.

If you want to move something fast, list it as an auction on a Sunday night between 7-9 PM EST.

**Disclaimer** – This may sell for less than market value.

But with some collectibles or rare items, you might get a bidding war and get more than market value.

Offer free shipping as much as possible and add those costs to the total listing price.

Media mail is extremely cheap for books and media discs, so take advantage of it.

Here is a legit hack for the price. As you scale, you can get a VA (virtual assistant) to edit your listings for you.

Online Jobs PH is my favorite place to source VA’s.

The best way to do this is to list your new items with a super high price like $500.

Then when you go back to active listings, filter by highest price.

Once everything is listed, you or your VA can go into active listings and finish off the listings.

Include all flaws in the description and pictures!!!

Use the top 3-5 sold listings for your title keywords.

And to determine the best price point for fixed listings.

To get more engagement, you can flap the accept offers radio button.

Then use the automatically decline radio button to filter out low ball offers.

Ship It Like A Pro

Step 1 – Get your free supplies from USPS

Other legit box sources are local stores if you’re on a budget.

If you want a quick buy, it’s The Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart.

Don’t forget your essential shipping supplies.

Here are my favorites.

Step 2 – If you can add a thank you card to your item; you can get them printed online.

Or just do a handwritten thank you note.

Step 3 – When you’re packaging, make sure that there is no free space in your box.

If you are using a bubble mailer, make sure that the item at least has a bit of bubble wrap around it.

More importantly, make sure that the final package is waterproof.

The package will get thrown around worse than a football.

So, make sure that that bad boy is sealed tight.

Step 4 CYA – Before you print your label, make sure that the buyer paid first.

eBay will hold your first 25 payments until the package gets delivered.

So just double check that they paid first!

Step 5 – Print your label.

In the paid section of your shop, you will see a “purchase and print label” button, select it.

Fill in the package’s final dimension and weight.

Then select your shipping carrier and service.

Once you click on the final purchase and print, what you do will depend on your printer.

To keep it simple, you can save the label as a PDF.

Then take a screenshot of the label portion and print that.

On Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool and on MAC Command + Shift + 4.

Lastly, even though eBay does not support priority cubic pricing.

You can use to see which one gives you a better shipping price.

It’s time to hustle 

“Get off your *ss now!”

You will be surprised how much excess stuff you have lying around.

And how much it is worth. 

If you found value in this post, make sure to check the resources tab at the top of this page.

Along with my newsletter, for more in-depth how to’s like this one.

If you have shoes to sell on eBay check out these 2 videos:

How to Ship Shoes for Ebay – FULL WALKTHROUGH TUTORIAL


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