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How to List Over 97 Books Per Hour Even If This Is Your First FBA Shipment

If you’re just starting out on Amazon, your first shipment might be keeping you up at night.

TBH this is completely normal. And a super small learning curve; that we can fix right now.

**CAUTION** This is going to be a Super-Vanilla post, so Don’t Fall Asleep on me the VALUE is legit.

Step 1:

Sign up for Scan Lister and follow the instructions for connecting it to Seller Central. Speed is the name of the game here, and time is money. Or if you speak Reezy this is the Espresso of listing software.

Step 2:

Set up your SKU’s (Stock Keeping Unit). This is just to make it super easy for you to track your inventory.

Customers won’t see this, so you can make it whatever you want, even “ImQuitingMyJobIn6Months.” But that won’t help you much when you scale which you will if your reading this.

The norm is creating a code for each source. For example, if you have 4 Good Wills in your area you could use GW01, GW02, GW03, and GW04. Then just add the date of the shipment and the condition.


G if the condition of good. VG = Very Good. LN = Like New. N = New.

You could also make up a code for the item type. Media is a super useful one, so let’s make a SKU for CDs and DVDs.



Watch this video:

And take a minute or two to set up your SKUs! This is MANDATORY, don’t sleep on it.

Pro Tip: If your listing Text Books end those SKUs with *TB. Most repricing software want’s the wild card at the start or end of the SKU. Re-pricing will be a separate post.

Step 3:

Watch this short-listing tutorial with Ricky Analog:

As you can see, he has the books stacked (w/ the barcode facing up) by condition from Good to Like New. If you need help grading books, use this video.

Like New should only have one super minor flaw. Then Very Good and Good just have more flaws.

Step 4:

Let the Scans Begin!

Connect whatever Bluetooth scanner you have to your PC.

These next two steps are KEY:

  • Update your SKU Prefix, Condition, and Condition Note, as you move from condition to condition. Scan all the good books first, then move on to VG, etc.…
  • Keep Your Books in Order! Scan the first book on the top of your pile and start a new pile next to it with what you just scanned. Then as you can, add books to your new scanned stack in the order that you scan them. Just keep the books in the order that scan them! #NoMoreGrayHairs

This dope video is all about stickering:

Step 5:

List It! (In a Mortal Kombat Fatality Voice LOL)

Smash the list button on the bottom left of the Scan Lister screen. Choose Fulfilled by Amazon.

High-five the hard part is now complete.

It takes Scan Lister 5 minutes to export to Amazon. So, organize the work area or grab a coffee.

Step 6:

Create the Shipment.

Forward to 10:52 on the previous video, How to Create an Amazon FBA Shipment.

In Seller Central > Inventory > Manage Inventory > Search the dated portion of your SKU on the top left (GW01-2019-OCT-13)

> You can search multiple SKU’s and the “Action on x selected” will keep incrementing as you select all

> Select all with the first checkbox on the top left of your results > Search & Select all of your SKU’s for the shipment

> Action > Change to Fulfilled by Amazon > Send Inventory > Continue to Shipping Plan

> change the quantity to 1 at the top (if you have multiple copies in the same condition update that here)

> It’s 50 items per page so repeat the previous step on each page > you will also get restrictions and errors here

> read the alert and proceed or remove the item > you may also get asked for demission’s here so keep a ruler and scale handy

> Continue > “Change who preps?” to merchant on all your pages > Continue

> (This is where you need AZ Labels and a way to print out your labels. All the Ninjas use Rollo or Dymo printers, but you use Ink-Jet printers at your own paroral. Inkjets won’t need the AZ Labels extension).

> Once you add the AZ labels extension to chrome, you will get a “Print Thermal Labels” button next to Amazon’s Print Labels button at the bottom of each page

> hit Print Thermal Labels ONCE! > give it a sec to think and open the exported file that pops up on your screen

> you can now print with your thermal printer make sure to hit advanced print settings to select your label type before printing > Continue

> Approve & Continue > Work on Shipment > “How will this shipment be packed?” Usually it’s going to be Multiple boxes or more than one SKU per box or everything in one box depending on how many boxes you have

> Set your number of boxes and fill out the dimensions > Calculate > I agree > Accept Charges

> Print Thermal Labels (these will be on 4×6 in labels) > Complete Shipment.

If you’ve never used box content in Scanlister before definitely check out these two videos:

Warning if your using a Dymo for the first time feed the labels down into the rollers and not straight through. LMAO not talking from experience here?.

Haha, your eyes probably feel like if you were peeling an onion by now. On the bright side, that’s it. Eventually, you’ll be able to do these drunk (Disclaimer: Drunk Shipments are not Recommended).

If you want more content like this delivered straight to your inbox, sign up to my newsletter here. If you’re in the free course, your already part of it, so just keep your eye out for the next email 🙂

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The Cold Truth About Selling on Amazon FBA & Ebay. Depression is Real!

The Struggle is Real

So today, I want to talk about a pretty important subject.

The loneliness of reselling and the depression that can come along with being a full-time entrepreneur or someone that just does their own thing.

You might have noticed that I’ve been on YouTube since 2016 and reselling for over 15 years.

And sometimes the long hours and being alone becomes too much.

If you’re just starting out as an Entrepreneur, you might not be able to relate yet.

Regardless I hope that this post and YouTube video help you out in your transition to a full-time reseller.

TBH, if you come from a life of 9 to 5 with those water-cooler talks.

Being a reseller can be kind of depressing well, more like really depressing, and you have to understand how NOT to Get Depressed!

Entrepreneurship is outside of the norm, out of 9 to 5 standards that everyone else does, and the stress will build up over time.

Your Inner and Outer Circle

Every one of us has a battle inside our head.

Inside of my head, I have a little voice that is basically telling me, “that’s stupid, that’s a bad idea, that’s not going to work, it’s not going to work Reezy. You know, “just stop, don’t do it, just give up.”

You have to battle that voice and tell it, “No, you’re wrong, it will work, I am going to do it,” and that’s how I hype myself up.

Every now and then, I still need an extra push from the Gang.

You should be able to talk to your friends.

They should support you and your vision and your ideas on what you want to do.

For me anyway, it’s like I’m on my own thing and I have some friends, but I don’t really hang out with a lot of people.

I got my family, my wife, and my kids and that’s it, that’s us. That makes me Extremely Happy, but working like just grinding it out, making shipments, and YouTube is just lonely guys.

You need people that support you and believe in what you do.

And it needs to be someone that works for you specifically because everyone’s different. Like for me, what motivates me is someone I respect, looking me dead in the eye and telling me…

“Reezy, quit being a p…”

“Reezy, you’re being a b… right now!”

Then I’ll GO GO GO!!!

That might not work for you.

Everyone is different, so find 1-to-3 people that you can count on outside of your immediate family.

Your wife/husband will always take it easy on you.

It has to come from outside of your household, someone that can literally tell you when you’re being a P.O.S.

You need someone that will be warm to you when you need it, but also be cold as f… and like HEARTLESS letting you know the COLD TRUTH; because it’s tough to see these things from inside of ourselves.

So, make sure to make time every week for one on one interactions with the right people.

If you have “friends” that are just Energy Vampires, those aren’t friends, and you need to cut them out of your life A.S.A.P.

The last thing we need is someone external reinforcing that Negative Nancy that lives inside of our head.

So, if you’re a Negative Nancy Reinforcer or Professional Energy Vampire, I have no time for you in my life.

Your NO BS Support Group

We all need an accountability partner(s).

And that’s why I really suggest for all of you to be part of some kind of mastermind group, where people regularly get together and keep each other accountable.

Even if it’s just someone that you can call and vent to.

Everyone needs this because as we get older, a lot of us don’t really have time for friends, so the only friends we end up having are the ones we work with.

As a reseller, your community is going to be mostly on Instagram and Facebook groups.

Find a group or circle of friends that you can resonate with and share your ups and downs with.

Let’s start a community Resellers Against Depression (RAD), now that’s a sick acronym.

For real guys, if you know anyone that’s feeling down. Offer them your ear and time, and just console them.

Boost them up because one of these days, you’re going to need a boost too, right.

We should all rely on each other to vent equally for whatever kind of struggles we’re having because life is too short to be living in a depression.

You might even be depressed over something Super Stupid. So, seriously talk to someone that will help you put it into perspective!

The Long Term Hustle

I just want you guys to know that if you’re struggling with depression or loneliness that there are others out there that would love to talk to you and help bring you up.

Know that life can be depressing. I suffer from it; everybody suffers from it. If you meet someone and they say that they’ve never been depressed they’re complete bull…

We can learn from each other, and we can help each other grow.

You’re not in this alone.

Remember Resellers Against Depression (RAD).

Here’s a short video from the OG of psychology Gary Vee


I have a sick public and private group that you can join:


Master Mind

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