Sourcing Inventory & Scouting Tips – Thrifting Tricks

I’ve been selling on eBay and Amazon for over ten years, and since I’ve been around the block a few times, I’ve learned a lot about what I need to be successful while scouting new inventory. My goal is to help you to learn from my mistakes and be better prepared on your next sourcing trip.

First of all, make sure your phone is equipped with plenty of memory and a rechargeable battery pack, either one that is built into the case itself or a corded mobile charger. The last thing you want is a phone that dies on you halfway through your haul! A mobile charging case is great, but if/when you upgrade your phone, you’ll have to get a different size and style, so opt for the universal corded charger if you can.

Children’s books can be an untapped resource when you’re thrifting. For example, we snag books in the “I Can Read” series and sell them as sets. Other children’s books and series can also be readily available as well (Harry Potter anyone?), so we grab the books until we have enough for a set and then sell them off (On Ebay/Amazom) . There’s also a lot of money in used board games.┬áMake sure to count and verify all the pieces are present. If the game is valuable enough, it may be worth your time to contact the manufacturer and ask for replacement pieces. Sometimes you get them for free! Other times, you can find the pieces you need on Ebay,which of course also means that when you have incomplete pieces you can also sell those on Ebay. Yes, game pieces are worth money.

It’s fine to use the Amazon Seller app when you’re just starting out, but if you want to take your game to the next level, I’d highly recommend upgrading to an app like FBAscan in conjunction with a bluetooth scanner. FBAscan allows you to download Amazon’s database before sourcing, which means you can scan at lightning speed with or without an internet connection. It also shows you the rank on items like clothing and shoes, a valuable piece of information and something Amazon’s app does not let you see. Time is money.

If you’re not continually reading literature aimed toward building your business or your knowledge base in this field, read up! Kindle Unlimited is only $10/month, and there are hundreds of books with priceless information that will help you build your business and increase profits. One of my mistakes early on was not opening a professional account on Amazon until way too late! I was paying an extra dollar on every item I sold until I read a book that told me I was doing it wrong. Learn from my mistakes and educate yourselves while you grow as a reseller.

Another mistake I made was blindly listening to other resellers who told me to, for example, “never buy a book over a million rank.” I probably put back on the shelf upwards of $10 grand in profit in those first six months because I listened to other sellers without studying it out for myself. Lesson learned – I don’t take advice until I’ve done my research first. Or unless you know the person giving the advice is very successful in that area.

These are just a few pro-tips to help you along in your reselling journey. But the best advice I can give you is to read as much as you can and to follow like-minded people on social media while you grow as a seller. I guarantee that in a few minutes of reading, you’ll gain priceless information that could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.