I almost got shot at the thrift store!

The craziest shit just happened. One of my employees calls me and tells me that they are gonna be running a little late today, and usually that means there was a large haul of books. However, today was quite different……. Instead, this is what I heard over the phone

“Bro, you’re not gonna believe this, but I almost got blasted at the thrift store just now”

Say what?
Apparently, while at one of the thrift stores on our route, a lady was digging through a mixed box of crap that had just came out. It was mostly pens and pencils, markers ETC…. When all of a sudden BOOOOOOOM! Smoke is in the air! This lady is screaming, the tip of her finger is gone, and there is blood squirting everywhere!!!
They locked the store down, while the police and ambulance came. Apparently it was some sly 007 22 caliber pen gun!

It was extremely lucky, that the bullet went into the wall and died, and didnt hit anybody. Of which, there were lots of childre  around.. So, yeah my employee almost got shot today, and Im gonna let him take the rest of the day off LOL…  What a guy! He didnt even get any blood on the books 😉

That thrift life aint for everybody tho. It gets buck sometimes. Be careful.